For those debating selling their home, we provide free market consultations. This includes not just a free comparable market analysis, but Alfonso will come to your home to provide an in person consultation to discuss recent sales in your neighborhood, how your home compares to recent sales, a custom pricing strategy considering your desired timeframe, and calculation of your Net Sale Proceeds, showing approximately how much cash you can expect to walk away with in your pocket from the sale of your home.

Additional Benefits to SELLERS working with ALBA include:

  • Needs analysis: Help clarify motivating reasons to sell and develop seller’s timetable
  • Pricing strategy: Help determine best selling price strategy given current market conditions and show resulting net profit sheet
  • Property preparation: Advise on any potential property improvements and/or repairs and staging strategies
  • Marketing strategies: Develop marketing plan and establish marketing timetable
  • Receive offers: We evaluate every offer with our Seller clients
  • Negotiating best price: Negotiate counter offers and advise on final terms and conditions
  • Sell: We prepare post contract work list and advise on repairs and vendor services
  • Pre-close preparation: Coordinate and supervise document preparation and provide pre-closing consulting
  • Closing: Review closing docs, resolve last minute items and complete transaction
  • Post-Closing: Help coordinate move and assist with post-closing issues

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