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ALBA Real Estate, LLC is a real estate brokerage company providing many valuable services to people buying or selling homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth or Houston Metro areas. For those debating selling their home, we provide free market consultations. This includes not just a free comparable market analysis, but Alfonso will come to your home to provide an in person consultation to discuss recent sales in your neighborhood, how your home compares to recent sales, a custom pricing strategy considering your desired timeframe, and calculation of your Net Sale Proceeds, showing approximately how much cash you can expect to walk away with in your pocket from the sale of your property. Also, please feel free to use our free home search tool to find your next home. This free search tool includes the ability to set up automatic email alerts to notify you when a new property matching your specified search criteria has become available. We provide free market consultations and free home search tools in the hope that we can earn the opportunity to represent you in your next real estate transaction, but there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to hire ALBA Real Estate for using these free services. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Below are a number of additional benefits to hiring ALBA Real Estate to assist you.

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1)     Needs analysis: Analyze buyer’s wants and needs and help them get a clear picture of his/her ideal home

2)     Prequalification or preapproval: Guide buyer to a loan officer and help them obtain prequalification or preapproval and also help choose the best mortgage financing plan

3)     Neighborhood info: Create broad neighborhood search profiles and provide list of target neighborhoods and related info for each

4)     Home search: Organize and schedule home search process, provide ongoing updates, drive-bys, and showing of available homes

5)     Make an offer: Compare homes and help buyer make a decision, advise buyer on terms and  issues of the offer and fill out a purchase offer contract

6)     Negotiating to buy: Present the offer and negotiate on the buyer’s behalf

7)     Vendor coordination: Advise and supervise vendor selection and coordinate vendor services

8)     Pre-close preparation: Coordinate and supervise document preparation and provide pre-closing consulting

9)     Closing: We preview closing documents and resolve any last minute issues and also complete the transaction

10)  Post-closing: Help coordinate the moving and assist with post-closing issues

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1)     Needs analysis: Help clarify motivating reasons to sell and develop seller’s time table

2)     Pricing strategy: Help determine best selling price strategy given current market conditions and show resulting net profit sheet

3)     Property preparation: Advise on property improvements and repairs and staging strategies

4)     Marketing strategies: Develop marketing plan and establish marketing time table

5)     Receive an offer: We evaluate offer with Seller

6)     Negotiating to sell: Negotiate counter offers and advise on final terms and conditions

7)     Sell: We prepare post contract work list and advise on repairs and vendor services

8)     Pre-close preparation: Coordinate and supervise document preparation and provide pre-closing consulting

9)     Closing: Review closing documents, resolve last minute items, and complete transactions

10)  Post-Closing: Coordinate move and assist with post-closing issues

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